Aid Security Information (ASI): Incident Data Sharing and Analysis Project Evaluation

Insecurity Insights

Bodhi was contracted to conduct a final evaluation of the Insecurity Insight’s ‘Aid Agency Information (ASI:) Incident Data Sharing and Analysis,’ programme. This programme aimed to bring together humanitarian organisations from different backgrounds to work collaboratively to share knowledge and information and lessons learnt. As part of the H2H Network and to drive the objectives of the H2H Network, Insecurity Insight, with technical support from Save the Children, developed the Aid Agency Information (ASI): Incident Data Sharing and Analysis project. The programme was developed to enable aid organisations be risk-aware through the development and implementation of risk management practices. This was done through a security risk analysis in implementation countries. The purpose of Bodhi's evaluation was to assess the overall performance of the project in terms of its value proposition, the problem addressed and the extent to which the proposed solutions were relevant, effective, efficient and to describe their impact and sustainability. In addition, the evaluation documented the lessons learnt from the project and developed recommendations for future programming.

Research team