Robust research

Objective analysis
Actionable recommendations

Bodhi Global Analysis is an international development consultancy specialising in
political economy analysis, conflict analysis, and gender and inclusion.

What we do

At Bodhi Global Analysis we produce political economy and conflict analyses to support the development of informed international development strategies and interventions. We also conduct monitoring and evaluation to determine and grow the impact of our clients’ work. Our approach is intersectional to ensure we reflect the lived realities and needs of the most marginalised in the contexts in which we work.

Our services

Robust research

Research grounded in advanced theoretical training and field experience


Objective analysis

Independent analysis reflecting intellectual rigour and sound research


Actionable recommendations

Policy recommendations that are realistic, achievable and effective

About us

We enable international development and humanitarian stakeholders to devise sound interventions that are embedded in rigorous research, robust analysis and quality evaluation. We go beyond accepted wisdoms, frameworks and agendas, and critically engage with issues to develop actionable and realistic policy recommendations based on contextual realities. We pride ourselves on our intellectual rigour, research objectivity, intersectional approach, and our integrity.

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