Gender Analysis project of the PHASE program (Protection and Health Assistance in Emergencies for Vulnerable Girls, Boys, Women and Men)


The overarching objective of this intersectional gender analysis is to provide information to the project team and Caritas Lebanon on gender gaps, inequalities, and the needs, constraints and opportunities of women and men, girls and boys in Lebanon. The analysis is also intended to support the project team to understand the root causes of inequalities through defining the social, cultural, political and economic factors that perpetuate them. The design of the research will be based on a document review using the Girls Rights Platform (GRP) database. The baseline information of the comparative research piece will be based on the previous “Girls Rights are Human Rights” report and will explore how international policy has evolved in the past years to support this claim. The desk research will be complemented by user-experience interviews, targeting diplomats directly working in these UN spaces and the UN community as well as Academia involved in the monitoring of UN-based policy making.

Research team