Summative Evaluation of the Ethiopia Programme (2017-2020/21)

Life and Peace Institute

The summative evaluation of the Ethiopia programme (2017-2020/21) was an utilisation-focused evaluation to both learn about performance (efficiency, effectiveness), relevance, and impact as well as to generate recommendations for follow-up from the programme. The evaluation focused on in-depth analysis of the CLSA project and the other programme strategies and adaptations in the changing context. Bodhi used a multi-faceted approach to the evaluation, with elements tailored to the programme's multiple components and lines of activities. The evaluation was structured around the OECD-DAC criteria (relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, impact and sustainability). To answer the research questions, the evaluation team implemented a multi-phased evaluation employing desk review, qualitative primary data collection and secondary analysis. The triangulation of multiple sources of data ensured a high level of robustness and reliability to the findings of the evaluation.

Research team