Ethiopia, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Cambodia, Myanmar

Political Economy Context Analysis in Fragile and Conflict Affected Settings (Ethiopia, Sierra Leone, Rwanda, Myanmar and Cambodia)


The key project deliverable was to produce five multi-level PEAs, incorporating macro level, sectoral and community level analysis with a focus on social accountability in service delivery. Managing the project across all countries, we designed a participatory approach to data collection, adapting it to the social accountability context, developed a learning and evidence plan, and a risk management framework for the client. We also designed and delivered PEA training and workshop for VSO staff and volunteers, and enumerator training in participatory tools and research ethics. Data collection in the field focused on marginalised groups including persons with disabilities, ethnic minorities and youth, and was disaggregated by gender. We covered different sectors across the five countries, including health (focusing on SRHR and MNH), disaster risk reduction, and education.

Research team