Strategy Playbook on Promoting an Adaptive ASEAN Community of Greater Understanding, Tolerance and a Sense of Regional Agendas among the Peoples of ASEAN


Bodhi is currently engaged in the development of a Strategy Playbook for ASEAN, to establish best practices and set value-based norms to foster greater understanding, tolerance and a cohesive regional agenda. Bodhi is compiling the Strategy Playbook in line with the six dimensions outlined by the OECD Multidimensional Fragility Framework. The Playbook will explore two potential scenarios for the ASEAN region in 2035 - an 'adverse scenario' in which current fault lines are exacerbated and a 'positive scenario' promoting an improved situation. The Strategy Playbook aims to offer practical strategies to bolster resiliency, foster mutual understanding, and integrate regional agendas among ASEAN populations. Emphasising a gender-sensitive and participatory research approach, the project features a women-led team committed to mainstreaming women’s and gender-based issues, and employing feminist research principles to ensure inclusivity and intersectionality in its conflict-sensitive strategy.

Research team