Sam Wrighton, DPhil

Head of Business Development

Sam Wrighton, DPhil, is an experienced international development professional with a passion for driving positive change through rigorous research, objective analysis, and actionable recommendations.

As the Head of Business Development at Bodhi Global Analysis, Sam is dedicated to fostering strategic partnerships and identifying opportunities to expand Bodhi's impact in the international development sector. He brings a unique blend of academic expertise and practical knowledge to his role, having earned a DPhil from the University of Oxford and gained extensive experience leading research programmes and strategic procurement initiatives.

Prior to joining Bodhi, Sam served as the Research Director at Accent, where he spearheaded the company's business development by navigating public procurement and securing framework agreements. He demonstrated expertise in government procurement processes and the ability to capitalise on lucrative opportunities while fostering strong relationships with decision-makers.

Before that, Sam worked for over three years at Ridgeway Information, where he was responsible for research and consultancy projects. In these roles, he directed large research projects, designed research methodologies, and authored successful tender and framework proposals. Sam also managed projects for high-profile clients such as UNESCO, UN Women, and the British Council, and consulted on geopolitical risk for private, public, and third sector clients.

Earlier in his career, Sam worked as a Researcher at the International Migration Institute at the University of Amsterdam, where he organised and conducted fieldwork, coordinated data for research projects, and presented papers at conferences. He was also employed by Leiden University during his Bachelor of International Studies programme.

Sam holds a DPhil in Politics and International Relations from the University of Oxford, a Master's degree in International Relations from the University of Amsterdam, and a Bachelor's degree in International Studies from Leiden University.