Benedetta Zocchi, PhD


Dr. Benedetta Zocchi has over six years’ experience researching conflict and forced displacement contexts. Before joining Bodhi, she worked as a Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Oxford and a Teaching Fellow at Queen Mary University. She has led and contributed to extensive research projects in Eastern Europe, South Saharan and North Africa, looking at intersections between gender, race and nationality‑based vulnerabilities and their impact on undocumented migrants and refugees, with particular focus on women and youth. Benedetta mobilises a feminist and intersectional approach committed to creative, participatory, and non-extractive research practice. Holding a PhD in Political Science, Benedetta is a published researcher with field experience in locations such as South Africa, the Balkans, Morocco, the UK, and Italy. At Bodhi she leads and contributes to gender and inclusion-focused research and evaluations, particularly seeking to ensure that our work adheres to feminist and decolonial research principles.